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Have you ever worked with a “Generalist” marketing agency? You know, the type of agency that works with anyone with a heartbeat and some money in their pocket? These days, anyone with a laptop is an agency. We understand your pain. At Electrician SEO, we “Serve Electricians Only“. From our popular Electrician Podcast & Video Show to our blog and training tutorials, we specialize in helping honest Electricians dominate the search engines! We even wrote the book on it!

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Proven Results

Are you paying for electrician digital marketing services and not seeing any results? You are not alone. Many electricians are paying $1000’s and not getting results. From agencies that outsource your website to other countries to generalists who don’t know electrician marketing, this happens to electricians and companies each and every month. We don’t settle for #2. We want to partner with you to get you the leads, exposure, and success that you deserve and require!

One Company Promise

We value you and your business so much that we give you our “One Company Promise“. This means that when you hire us, we will not work with any other electricians in your service area! No ethical marketing agency should ever work with multiple competing electrical companies, as only one can be #1 on Google. While we may have a growing waiting list, you can be assured that when you work with us, you will have our 100% undivided dedication & attention!

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