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Overpriced Quotes

Did you get a price quote of $1000’s of dollars for a new website? Maybe $1000’s of dollars a month for SEO? What is going on right! No worries. We have 20 years of digital marketing experience, our staff includes college professors, authors, speakers, and trainers. So if you need a second opinion if you are getting charged way too much, we will work with you and make sure you’re getting a real website that you will own and can be proud of for an honest price. 

Getting Scammed

Are you paying for electrician SEO services and not seeing any results? You are not alone. Many electricians are paying $1000’s each and every single month and not getting results. From agencies that outsource your website to other countries to people who don’t know digital marketing, this happens to electricians and companies each and every month. We would be happy to take a look at your website using industry leading software and see if you are paying for nothing or your SEO company is doing things right.

Inexperienced Employees

Let’s be fair, SEO, social media, and web design are all careers in itself. It would be difficult to teach any one employee everything about digital marketing in a few weeks. Even with 20 years of experience, we learn new things all the time. With all that being said, we would love to train your employees how to maintain your website, get more leads with SEO, and increase your exposure through social media. We can also verify their work to make sure you are getting the results that your company deserves and needs.   

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Most frequent questions about second opinions

We have heard of people getting scammed spending $13,000 for a website that was built with free WordPress themes. Other people have thrown away $1000’s and $1000’s of dollars for SEO services that have done nothing. 

So before you get trapped into a long term, locked-in contract, or some outrageous amount for a new web design, give us a call and let us provide you with a second opinion, even if you don’t hire us! We simply want you to be an honest company you can count on!