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Let’s face it, you need more quality electrician leads fast! But the million dollar question is… how? That is where our specialized electrician search engine optimization services help. You see we know the keywords, search volumes, and Google My Business strategies that are focused on helping your local electrical business succeed on Google, Bing, and the search engines. When your local business gets found online, you get more leads, give more quotes, and sales.

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Where’s your cell phone right now? We would bet within arm’s reach at most times. Your target demographic is searching for “electricians near me” and other electrician SEO related terms with their phones. So you must have an electrician website that looks good on mobile phones. If you don’t, you can be sure competitors will and they will steal your mobile leads. We make sure your electrician website get’s the attention of the mobile users in your service areas. 

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Imagine waking up to new electrician leads in your inbox? When your business is everywhere online, you can get leads 24 hours a day. You see, electrician search engine optimization works even when you don’t! People can find out about your electric business at 3pm or 3am. So the more work we do to help you get found, the more opportunities you have for more lead opportunities.

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Most frequent questions about electrician search engine optimization

We’re excited to work with you and your electrical business to get more leads and to give more electrician quotes using local and organic electrician SEO strategies.  

Step #1: We schedule a consultation with you to listen to your electrician SEO needs, desires, and ideas. From how many leads you need and your services to where you serve and why someone should choose your business, we care about the details. 

Step #2: We take your information and create a strategy to present to you for your approval. Once we all agree on the right strategy in terms of immediate priorities, we will present you with a final proposal, contract, & invoice to get started on the process.

Step #3: Once we get started, we will create a baseline of the current health of your website and digital properties to use for us to determine what strategies are working. Then we report to you each month on the success for that month. 

A common question we get is “How much is electrician SEO?” The most common cost for electrician SEO is $800 – $2500 a month. This is a question that can vary from the types of agencies and locations of the companies that give you an electrician SEO quote. If you work with a company that uses virtual assistant that are not in the USA, your costs will be much lower than say someone who lives in San Francisco. Also experience and expertise can have dramatic price differences. At Electrician SEO, well our company is named after what we specialize in. We do Electrician SEO because we help local electricians succeed online. So if would you rather work with a generalist agency that works with anyone and everyone, or a specialist in electrician digital marketing?

NO! Never! Ever! 

Your electrical company deserves to be treated better. So you can have peace of mind knowing that when you work with Electrician SEO, we work month to month together. 

We cannot tell you how many times an electrician has told us how they worked with a company and had to sign a year long contract. They are told some excuse of the SEO agency needs “time” to get things done. While it does take time to get Google to crawl your website and index your company properly, there is no reason to sign a long contract. In fact many times people have told us how after the “honeymoon phase” is over, around month 3, they feel like another number, ignored, and not sure if any work is even happening.

With Electrician SEO, we want to be fired! That’s right. If we are not providing you with value, education, and results, please fire us! 

If any company at all promises you number one spot in Google, Bing or any search engine, Do Not Walk, But RUN AWAY from them!

Google for an example is always changing their algorithms. So although we do work daily to get your electrical business to the number one spot on Google with our ethical search engine optimization strategies, at any moment Google could change their requirements and your website is now on page 2.

So if anyone promises you the #1 spot on Google, how do they plan to do this and for how long will you be #1? Will it be by using black hat SEO strategies? Manipulation? Or some new way to cheat Google? 

We prefer to provide you with long terms results vs short term gains and get blacklisted by Google.