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Tell us a little about yourself, your business, and we will provide you with a personalized, easy to understand, video with tips, ideas, and strategies to grow your electrical business online. There’s no catch, no games, no gimmicks. Matthew 22:39

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Evaluation FAQ's

Most frequent questions about our free evaluations

We’re excited to offer you 100% free, no obligation professional suggestions, tips, and ideas on how you can grow your electrical business using digital marketing strategies.

There are just 3 simple steps:

Step #1: Fill out the evaluation form on this page. We simplied it with as few questions as we could. But please feel free to tell us as much as you want. We’re here to help.

Step #2: We take the information you give us like your website domain name, history, goals and then start researching your business online. We use software to look at SEO results, social media exposure, technical website issues like broken links, and even simply looking at your website from a customers perspective to see if there could be improvements.

Step #3: Once we finish going over your businesses digital presense & website, we will email you a video walkthrough of what we found. This will include potential changes you and or your staff or vendors may decide to change. 

We pray this will be a blessing for you and your business.

But… what about the sell, future emails, phone calls or some other way we may try and sell to you?

Well, there is none. After we email you our findings, that’s it. No phone calls, no emails, or carrier pigeons with a note. (although that would be cool!)

We’re not here to sell you anything, but to educate you. If you decide in the future you need  help, well maybe you’ll consider us at Electrician SEO, but for now, let’s just be friends!

This is a great question, what are we looking for exactly?

Your website is your new business card, so does it showcase your products and services? Is it mobile-friendly? Do you have clear call to actions (CTA’s)? Are you invisible online? And much more.

We want to look at your website from the end user, your customer, and then as a digital marketing company.

We’re looking for ideas to give you to grow your business in the search engines,  increase your social media exposure, GMB rankings, and the user experience adjustments.

You may not have anything wrong, but what if you changed your call to action button color or made your website mobile friendly, could it help? 

If you don’t know what’s wrong, how can you fix it!

This is a great question, what if we research your business and online marketing and don’t have suggestions?

Well we tell you the truth that everything looks good. 

The point of this free evaluation is not to make up issues in hopes that you will hire us. 

The point of this free evaluation is to be a servant to you and offer a professional set of eyes to look over what your digital marketing strategies.

This is why we send you a video, to show you what we see and allow you to decide if you agree or not.

Our prayer is that we will find simple edits and changes that you can make that will help you grow in Google and the search engines that will in turn increase your leads, quotes, and sales.