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Let’s face it, the more people that know about your business, the more people that will contact your company. It would be safe to say that you know and have a favorite person in a specific industry. Like you have a car guy, realtor, plumber, and fill in the blank with a person you know and trust. So now it’s your turn to be the best electrician on social media! 

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Not Everyone is on Google

Your target demographic may not always be searching on Google for your services. They may be using Facebook, LinkedIn or maybe even YouTube when they find out about your business for the first time. So what type of impression are they getting about your business? Is it positive? Is it helpful? You control your social media profiles, so make it count and take control of your online success. 

Facebook Ads & PPC

Facebook ads and PPC campaigns can help you take your business to another level. You can target people in certain neighborhoods, zip codes, and even cities to ensure your business is seen by the people who can use your services. You can even target people who like your competitors! Whether you boost an ad or you have a strategic Pay Per Click campaign, ads will help you get immediate leads.

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Most frequent questions about electrician social media marketing

We’re excited to learn about your social media marketing needs. Our process is a simple 3 step approach:

Step #1: We schedule a consultation to listen to your social media needs, desires, and ideas. From branding and images to content strategies and social media platforms, we want to discover the current health of your social media efforts.

Step #2: We take your information and create a strategy to present to you for your approval. Once we make new edits and changes, we will present you with a final proposal, contract, & invoice to get started on the process.

Step #3: Once we get started, we will create a baseline of analytics like engagement, followers, likes, reach, and other measurements to compare against our future social media marketing strategies.